A smile is the prettiest thing you can wear

- Chuck Glowe

We Help Our Patients Grow to Become Their Best Self with Whole-Body Patient Care

Our team is dedicated to you and your family’s oral health. We believe in a progressive approach to dentistry, which means that we are always educating ourselves about new approaches to treatment and therapies. This way, we can offer our patients the latest and best dental care available. Our core values for conducting business include loyalty, respect, integrity, and excellence. We are proud to offer our patients the best of both worlds – cutting-edge treatments with a personal touch. If you have any questions about our approach or how we can help you achieve optimal oral health, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


Meet Our Dentist


Zane T. Broome, DDS - Dental Health Coach

Dr. Broome believes that the dentist-patient relationship is one of the strongest factors in preventive dental care and in maintaining a high level of health. Therefore, his main concern is getting to know you, what you value and offering you the care that meets your needs.

Dr. Broome has been a life-long seeker of truth and health. He is one of the leading practitioners in the United States with advanced knowledge of the TMJ (jaw joint) and its supporting musculature. Dr. Broome is a continuous student engaging in advanced post-graduate dental educational training annually.


Our Dental Services

We offer comprehensive family dentistry services for patients in and around Jaffrey, NH. Our general dentistry services include routine checkups, teeth cleanings, dental sealants, and fillings.

We Help Our Patients Stay Emergency Free Because We Create All Over Heath Starting With Their Mouth!

At Monadnock Dental Associates, we help our patients avoid emergency dental situations by taking preventative measures. We aim to be proactive and not reactive! Dr. Broome is a leading member of the systemic dental health community. As a dental fitness coach, his advanced education and dedication combine to provide a health-centered approach to patient care.

The team at Monadnock Dental Associates takes the time to create a fitness plan that works seamlessly with our partner healthcare providers. Discovering the underlying causes of symptoms is vital to creating a proactive treatment plan for patients’ full wellness.

If an emergency situation arises, Monadnock Dental Associates offers emergency dental services to their community in an effort to keep them feeling their best!


Dental Membership Plan

No Insurance? No problem! Join our Membership Program and Save!

At Monadnock Dental Associates, we want to make dental visits accessible and affordable to members of our community by offering a dental membership plan to our patients.

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