Smile Gallery

Before & After Photos of Rejuvenation Dentistry

Where every picture tells a story of happier, healthier patients!

This woman had severe headaches, worn teeth and a painful jaw that would click and pop when she would open, causing a “snapping” noise her peers could hear while at work. We first put her in splint therapy till her symptoms subsided, then we corrected her bite and restored her with naturally looking materials that rejuvenated her smile and made her look and feel 10+ years younger! Needless to say, we love seeing her smile!

This patient’s chief concern was his previous dental bonding on his front teeth were starting to crack and show signs of wear. We used natural looking materials to rejuvenate his smile that gave him the confidence needed to be proud of his smile again.

This person experienced a traumatic accident that fractured his two front teeth. Dental bonding was initially placed to restore his smile prior to having two crowns placed that replicated his natural appearance. Naturally, he couldn’t stop smiling again!

This person had excessive tooth wear, chipping and staining on his front teeth. Since this patient had existing porcelain bridges on his upper left and upper right posterior teeth and did not want to have his bite corrected, we used naturally looking porcelain that blended his bridges he had done years ago for an esthetically pleasing result.

This young woman did not like the spaces left behind after orthodontics were completed, due to a tooth size discrepancy. We were able to bond an esthetic composite to her teeth so when she smiles, no one’s eye will be drawn to the space anymore, but now to her natural, beautiful smile!