Dental Services for the Whole Family

Preventive Hygiene

A regular dental checkup is one of the most effective ways in maintaining a healthy mouth. This is done by providing a thorough examination, proper x-rays, professional removal of plaque, tartar, stain, and fluoride application if desired. Sealants (a protective coating bonded to the chewing surfaces of back teeth) are also offered to reduce cavities. Periodontal (supporting bone and gum) therapies are also delivered as needed.


Fillings are required when dental decay is present, teeth are broken or existing fillings are in need of repair. The placement of a tooth colored filling restores the tooth as much as possible to its original structure.

Cosmetic Work

Should you wish to change the appearance of your smile, we offer a choice of elective services. This may include simply whitening your natural teeth or reshaping your teeth with veneers or crowns.


Veneers are thin porcelain facings which are bonded to the surface of your front teeth. They can be used to restore teeth that are worn or chipped, to close a space, or change the color of teeth.


Sealants are an excellent way to reduce the incidence of cavities in a young persons mouth. A sealant is simply a very thin layer of material that is bonded to the biting surface of the back teeth creating a barrier that protects the teeth from getting cavities. No anesthetic is necessary for this procedure.

Grinding Teeth or TMJ (joint pain)

Bite adjustment and night guards, or splints are some of the options that may help with these conditions. The dentist would determine what course of treatment is best for you.

Crowns (Cap)

The crowning of a tooth provides an esthetic full coverage protection to a tooth having a large filling and is in danger of breaking, a cracked tooth, or a tooth which has been treated with a root canal. Crowns are made of full porcelain, porcelain fused to metal, or a gold blend.

Root Canal Therapy

A tooth requires root canal therapy when the nerve of the tooth becomes infected due to a large cavity or trauma. The nerve of the tooth is removed from the root or roots in order to rid the area of infection and save the tooth from extraction.


Bridges are fixed restorations designed to replace missing teeth. It involves reducing the size of the teeth on each side of the empty space and using these teeth to support the pontic between them. Metal is used to cover the span and porcelain covers the metal and is shaded to match existing teeth.

Implants for Crowns, Bridges or Dentures

Dental implants are a type of total tooth replacement involving the placement of a titanium metal screw/root within the dental bone by a recommended Oral Surgeon. This artificial root is then allowed to heal and integrate into the bone for a period of 3 to 6 months. Once integrated, we can then make the appropriate crown or bridge attachment.


On-site orthodontic treatment is provided by Dr. Paras Gosalia, of Monadnock Orthodontics but coordinated through his Peterborough office.

Bioesthetic Dentistry

Experience the health-giving comfort, function, and beauty of Bioesthetic Rejuvenation Dentistry. Now bioesthetically trained dentists can do something wonderful about worn teeth, unsatisfactory smiles, grinding and clenching, difficulty chewing, and sore jaws and joints.

Periodontal Therapy

The major reason for tooth loss in the adult population today is due to periodontal disease (not tooth decay). To prevent or stabilize this disease, a patient will require a full-mouth series of x-rays and a comprehensive examination. This may be followed by deep scaling or more specialized therapy.


Partials are an effective way to replace missing teeth. They are removable appliances and are either made with a plastic or cast metal base. They have metal clasps that attach to existing teeth, and the artificial teeth attached are made to appear the same size and color of your natural teeth.


Dentures can be made to duplicate existing dentures or when it is necessary to remove all existing teeth. It takes several visits from start to finish and then adjustment appointments. Implants under dentures are also available in certain cases and would need to be discussed with your dentist.


Extractions are done in this office on a case to case basis. After viewing an x-ray the dentist decides if it can be done here or if it would be better to have this done at an Oral Surgeons office.

Pain and Sleep Solutions

If you’ve been unsuccessful in finding relief for chronic upper back pain, headaches, migraines and painful facial or neck muscles, the problem may not be the location of the pain, but problems with your dental system—your teeth, jaws and bite. If they’re not configured and aligned to work in harmony without strain or progressive erosion of your teeth, they can cause pain in other areas of the body.

Dental health and overall health aren’t separate from each other; they work together and rely on each other for complete, optimum health and wellbeing. If you have persistent, unexplained pain, call us for a comprehensive evaluation of your symptoms.

TMD Treatment

Your temporomandibular joints (TMJs) are located on both sides of the face in front of the ears, connecting the jawbone (mandible) to the skull (temporal bone). They are the most complicated joints in the human body. These joints pivot and slide, allowing us to open our mouths wide and move our jaws from left to right.

When your TMJs aren’t working properly, you may experience jaw clicking, popping or locking during movement. Temporomandibular joint disorder (TMD) can cause significant pain, make chewing difficult, and adversely affect your bite. Some patients also experience swelling on the side of the face, toothaches, headaches, neck aches, earaches and hearing problems.

Using the principles of Rejuvenation Dentistry, we can diagnose TMD and develop a comprehensive plan for treatment that will correct the problem and relieve your symptoms.

Sleep Apnea and Breathing Problems

Sleep apnea is a condition in which breathing (and snoring) stop, sometimes hundreds of times a night, causing the sleeper to wake up suddenly.

Sleep apnea affects millions of people worldwide, yet according to current estimates, only 5% of cases are diagnosed and treated.

Sleep apnea itself requires treatment supervised by a doctor or sleep clinic. Dental interventions are not for the treatment of sleep apnea, but there are therapies that can help relieve some of the breathing problems that can contribute to sleep apnea.

Some problems with breathing and snoring at night can be relieved with a night guard, an appliance that keeps your teeth and jaws positioned. Night guards allow for better breathing, as well as prevent tooth grinding and jaw clenching that can lead to pain and tension in the face and jaw, plus headaches and migraines.

When your dental system—teeth, joints, muscles and bite—is not positioned for optimal chewing and speaking, it can also contribute to breathing problems that may cause snoring and be symptomatic of sleep apnea. Our doctors can make adjustments to your dental system that can improve your nighttime breathing.

Esthetic Dentistry

At Monadnock Dental Associates, we want your smile to be natural and beautiful. We consider all the parts of your face and mouth, their proportions and relationship to each other, so that your teeth not only look better, but function correctly as well.

Tooth Bonding
Dental bonding uses a composite resin that can be sculpted to lengthen a tooth, repair a cracked, damaged, or badly stained tooth, and close up small gaps in your teeth.

Smile Whitening
We use E-Z White™ for in-office tooth whitening. For at-home whitening, we use Whitening For Life™ and can make customized trays to place the whitening agent into for use at your convenience.

Porcelain Veneers
For the ultimate in beauty and symmetry, porcelain veneers are your best esthetic choice. Your tooth surface is shaped and prepared to allow the addition of the veneer. The veneer is then permanently cemented to the tooth. Your veneers will be naturally white and translucent, giving you the smile you’ve always dreamed of.

For patients who don’t want the reshaping and prepping necessary for successful placement of veneers, we can use minimal prep veneers that don’t require as much alteration to your teeth.

For many of our patients who can benefit from orthodontic treatment, the Invisalign system may be used by one of our local orthodontists for tooth straightening and realignment. Invisalign involves a series of clear plastic aligners that fit over your teeth. They are replaced every few weeks with new aligners as your teeth move into their optimal position.

Preventive Dentistry

Lifelong dental health is our main priority in caring for your, and your family’s, teeth. Dental health is also an important part of your overall health, and good dental routines and care can help avoid serious dental and other health problems later in life.

Family Dentistry
We welcome every member of your family, from children making their first visit, to mature patients with more extensive dental health care needs. We are family-oriented people who understand families’ needs. Our goal is to make every patient feel comfortable and at home. Our specialized care keeps families, sometimes generations of them, coming back to see us.

Comprehensive Exams
Our comprehensive approach to dental health care begins during your first visit to our office. Evaluations include medical history, digital and panoramic X-rays, periodontal charting, a personal oral hygiene evaluation, home care review and discussion of special concerns and/or opportunities to improve your dental health. We use hand-held intraoral cameras to examine every tooth which allows us to spot decay in its earliest stages. We also include oral cancer screening as a regular part of our exams.

Cleanings and Dental Fitness
At Monadnock Dental Associates, we are committed to helping patients look and feel their best. Our dental team can help you get your mouth and teeth in shape, so you can enjoy a lifetime of excellent oral health. Professional cleanings that are performed every six months are one of the most important steps you can take to improve and maintain your dental health. We use the most advanced technology and products to remove stubborn stains, tartar and residual build up from your teeth and gums.

Gum Disease
Gingivitis and periodontal disease can lead to serious dental problems, such as tooth loss. But studies have confirmed that gum disease can also play a part in the risk for heart attacks and strokes, premature or low birth weight babies and even dementia later in life. We keep our patients informed about the risks for and consequences of gum disease including xerostomia, also known as dry mouth, which can increase the risk for decay and gum disease. If you have more serious gum disease, we’ll treat it topically with a prescription antibiotic called Arestin®.

We apply fluoride treatments and dental sealants to adults as needed. Until children have their adult teeth, we evaluate them at every visit.

For Athletes
We design and supply customized mouth guards for patients who play sports. Mouth guards minimize the risk of serious oral or facial injuries and are highly recommended for athletes who participate in contact sports. Because they are uniquely fabricated and molded to the contours of your mouth, the guards we offer are far more effective than the universal styles available at sporting goods stores.